The Mercantile at designWerx

The first coworking and retail space to support makers, designers, artisans and craftsmen in Gladstone, MO – The Mercantile at designWerx opened its doors in 2020 and is contained inside a larger venue that also houses a designWerx office coworking space. Its sister companies include iWerx and designWerx in North Kansas City and iWerx in Gladstone, MO.

The Mercantile at designWerx is an artistic collective, a place where crafters, designers, creators and businesses alike can find resources they need to generate stronger connections and spark creativity. It’s a place for community, shared learning, events and resources to propel these businesses to reach their potential and make creative magic happens!

The Mercantile at designWerx offers artisans affordable access to space, storage, tools, training, marketing and sales support for artisans’ businesses so they can otherwise focus on the making of high-end products.

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