iWerx: An Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Development Center


Membership reservations now being accepted.


Are you a business professional looking to break free of home-office isolation or coffee-shop noise and clutter?

Do you belong to a virtual business team looking for technology-rich office, meeting and conferencing space?

Would you thrive in a coworking environment that connects you to collaboration partners and resources for business growth?

iWerx features coworking offices and collaborative open space for growing businesses and independent workers alike. But more than just a place to work, iWerx is a business development center built to facilitate connections and learning.

So whether you need office space for your growing enterprise or an alternative to crowded coffee shops, iWerx may be for you. Opening August 2016, iWerx is what’s next in today’s economy. Download our brochure for more details. Or to reserve your membership today download our membership agreement and cooperative guidelines to get started.

Facility Features

  • Offering 1 gig with availability up to 10 gigabit connectivity
  • A 4,000-square-foot event pavilion
  • Access to online learning programs, entrepreneurial training and community programming from such collaborating partners as: Metropolitan Community Colleges, Kauffman Foundation, Women’s Business Centers, UMKC and Northland CAPS
  • Business coaching and marketing support
  • Spaces dedicated to brainstorming, networking and collaboration

Start your iWerx connection now. With membership commitments already signed for some limited premium offices, pre-opening membership reservations can be explored at info@iwerx.org. 

Physical Resources

Smart coworking at iWerx combines technology, blended learning, business support systems and community outreach.

“Our mission is to provide affordable work space for multi-generational, diverse enterprises,” says Robert L. Curland, an iWerx, LLC partner.

The space to cultivate sustainable businesses includes:

  • 29,000 square feet of community coworking areas, including private offices and shared collaborative space for independent workers
  • Offices with access to elevated semi-private patios
  • Café spaces
  • Conference and meeting rooms

Membership options serve diverse entrepreneurial needs.  All pricing includes utilities.

  • Coworking options start at $175 per month
  • Memberships with office space begin at $500 per month
  • Month to month memberships are available

Sits at the Corner of Enterprise and Innovation

Originally built in 1929, the iWerx home at 1520 Clay Street in North Kansas City, Mo., once served as regional headquarters for Kroger Grocers and included a large refrigeration unit, loading docks, and storage for non-perishable goods.

Extensive renovation to the building will house new enterprises in the era of independent working. Despite interior changes, 1520 Clay Street will maintain its original architectural integrity while repurposing many of the original materials for the iWerx initiative.

Modeling Collaboration and Partnerships

In a community partnership with the North Kansas City Business Council, Clay County Economic Development Council and the Missouri Department of Economic Development, iWerx is accepting pre-opening reservations for memberships and space at its 1520 Clay Street, North Kansas City, MO home. Contact iWerx for membership details.

Simply, iWerx grew from entrepreneur networking and a colliding of like-minded, forward-thinking business people. Similarly iWerx invites others to join us. Interested sponsors and investors are encouraged to contact iWerx. Ask about Missouri Business Incubator Tax Credits and other similar advantages to supporting new business growth in Kansas City’s Northland through the iWerx initiative.

The iWerx property development and ownership is guided by Stor-Safe corporation; management, business systems and business growth support by EnCorps45, an organization that promotes encore entrepreneurism; operations and innovation oversight by Office Worx’s Dave Teeman.

Website hosting and development by Elemeno Design; Design by Lisa Rae Mayer, Brickhouse Studios, LLC.

Click Here to download our brochure.

Click here to download iWerx Membership Agreement and Cooperative Guidelines.

Contact us for more information. Or Call 816.588.9130.