cowork4good2016So you’ve been thinking about trying coworking but you just haven’t made the move yet. Here’s a great opportunity to try it out and help Sleepyhead Beds.

You can #Cowork4Good every day during Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), November 14th through 18th! Visit a participating KC Coworking Alliance member coworking space to work for the day and give back to the community at the same time!

Participating Spaces:

  • Think Big Coworking
  • Cowork Waldo
  • Village Square
  • iWerx
  • WerksLab
  • Grid
  • Plexpod

Your price for drop-in coworking for the day? New/used bedding OR a new pillow OR you pay the normal price for the coworking space you are visiting and 100% of proceeds will go to Sleepyhead Beds. Sleepyhead Beds is a non-profit organization that gets beds and bedding to KC kids in need. Here’s what Sleepyhead Beds accepts:

1. Used and new sheets of all sizes
2. Used and new blankets of all sizes
3. New Pillows
4. Pack-n Plays

What they do not accept:

1. Beds frames or furniture
2. Used Pillows
3. Bed Skirts

Signup here to #Cowork4Good during #GEWKC!